Times Like This (RIP Iris)

by Koaste

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Almost exactly a year ago (2011), my good friend Jake Crockett aka Iris lost his life in a road accident. One half of Mole & Iris, he was a talented emcee and a great person. I wrote this a little while after his passing, and thought it was apt to put it out there for anyone who wants it.

Hopefully this will inspire those who haven't ever heard his music to search it out, and those who do know it to listen to it again.

This track is dedicated to Jake, all his friends and family, and anyone else who has ever lost someone close to them too soon.

- Koaste


"Its at times when life give you a kick in the teeth
that you start to realise that what we're living is brief
and it don't matter 'bout our different beliefs
cause every kid on the streets is in the same ship
aethiest christian or sikh
heart skipping a beat - hard thinking of speech
heart strings have been tweaked - harsh twist in the scheme
hard mission to breath can't listen to breeze
stars missing their gleam you start to split at the seams
and it seems its impossible to be prepared
screaming its not seeming fair unfeasible to people there
looking skywards where eagles dare
trying to pull some answers out the ether there freezing in the evening air
but there's no logic - cold emotion - feel so robotic
from this low blow stoppage
used to think the world was in our pocket
but that world seems like a bubble after something goes and pops it

the quiet brings back memories this wasn't how its meant to be
some lost a friend, a family lost its centrepiece
sometimes you're sensing there's no end to grief
my one intent to find that empathy with every line my pencil leaves
I only want my words to do it justice
I know we're not the only ones the hand of fate touches
A eulogy from you and me the sense of loss is true indeed
it marks us as a human being if we can find some unity
those we lose are all around us
I use this music to put you into the thoughts of thousands
get some liquor pour some out then raise a glass to love and havoc
we're about to drink a toast and you're in the room like nothing happened
and best believe we'll never forget - forever respect
you homie because we owe you a debt
you brought us closer your story is never over
just look down on us and we'll be sure to show ya..."


released August 12, 2012
Production by Cuth
Vocals by Koaste
Recorded at Illwood Heights



all rights reserved


Koaste Brighton, UK

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